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Dr. P. Sudhakar Rao

Chairman, Managing Committee.

It is interesting to be with children – trying to find answers to their innocent questions, sharing their enthusiasm, quelling their fears that limit growth, helping them overcome their frustrations, striving to find the reasons behind their anxieties, feeling their joys, and rewarding them for all of their accomplishments.

At Sister Nivedita we take all care to nurture the blissful, attentive and disciplined environment in which our students can grow and mature.

Although academic excellence is very important to us, we believe that a child’s worth as a person is not to be measured just by marks and grades alone. We seek to establish the development of character and a spirit of curiosity as the fundamental foundations for successful life. Therefore at every given opportunity, we encourage the students to accomplish the optimally unattainable and be best in every possible way.

We hope that each student will find here a sense of joy, a love for learning, a faculty to reason and develop the courage to question assumptions and plan their own path of progress in life through education that embraces these values and gives deeper meaning to life. It makes the attainment of personal goals and achievements more definite, career advancement more feasible, and happiness more deep and lasting.

It’s felicitous to mention the voice of parents for being flexible and supportive in this triumphant journey of aligning education with moral values and strengthening bonds. At the end I would like to advise the students to have a positive mind, keep learning and dream big, most importantly transform their dreams into thought and reality.

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