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Dr. V. Kondal Rao

Chairman, Advisory Committee

At Sister Nivedita School, education is aimed at ‘man making’. It’s beyond syllabus and rote learning, for, we acknowledge and nurture right balance by all means and motivations. It is the academic excellence, greater degree of personal care and attention that have enabled us to provide an enriching educational experience to all our students.

We scale the intellectual capabilities of our students to an extent that’s comparable to exceptional educational institutions in India and across the world.

As a responsible parent, if you are seeking a school which does not compromise educational and academic goals while emphasizing the all round development of the individual, you have chosen the right school. Our aim of making enlightened citizens is an “inclusive aim”, in the sense of doing the best for the most of the society. We are ‘different’, to do differently to make a difference. We aim at changing, transforming, more than transmitting. That is why we are known as the ‘dedicated’, and the ‘devoted’ as Sister Nivedita was, who was not only a great educationist but also a great teacher cherishing the ideals and values of Swami Vivekananda.

As the school is based on the foundations of Swami Vivekananda’s spiritual teachings we do not confine to formal honing of students’ intellect. We meticulously concentrate on the foundation upon which the educational process depends: the habits, behaviors, and influences which shape the students’ skills to learn academically and excel in life personally.

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