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Middle & High School (Classes VI to X)

‘Education beyond the realm of syllabus at higher levels’

Sister Nivedita High School

The focal point of a scholar's life is the five years of middle and high school that can be well utilized for paving a strong career foundation. In these years they either make a momentous move towards their academic goal, or lose momentum if the above mentioned time is not properly utilized for making the important transition. Furthermore, a student in this level requires the modern means and correct guidance to make appropriate progress. At Sister Nivedita School, all of the above needs are well-taken care of. To start with, the computer in each classroom connected to a master computer and the fully-integrated Audio Visual Hall make learning come alive and also adds a new dimension to teaching.

Sister Nivedita High School

The broad areas that Sister Nivedita School focuses upon include the personal, social and emotional development of the child through social activities, community events, team games and inter school competitions; the development of communication, language and literacy skills through poetry reading, public speaking, storytelling and writing; the development of reason through an emphasis on the methods of mathematics and science which are well taught and demonstrated in our maths and science labs; the understanding of the world and our rich heritage through educational tours and special classes; physical development through sports and creative development through the various extra-curricular activities that the school encourages.

The CBSE curriculum uniquely places the school to take advantage of a teaching methodology that ensures academic excellence while achieving the above mentioned goals which go a long way in the development of a well groomed personality.

Sister Nivedita School emphasizes on the following key areas beyond syllabus based education:

  • Extra-academic activities like visual and performing arts
  • Leadership development programs
  • Sports, in addition to general intellectual ability and
  • Competitive academic aptitude


All children are grouped into Four Houses to foster and encourage keen and healthy competition in all aspects of their school life. Four houses are KOHNIOOR, REGENT, FLORENTINE, THE HOPE.

Timings, Terms & Vacation :

For High School Classes :
Monday through Friday - 9.00 am to 3.30 p.m.
Lunch Session : 12.20 pm - 12.50 pm
Saturday’s: to 12.20 p.m.
Second Saturday : Parent-Meeting Day.

Academic Terms :

1st term – April to September
2nd term - October to March

Sister Nivedita High School


Middle and High School: (Classes VI to X)
Boys :
Dark blue coloured Trousers
Grey coloured belt
Light blue shirt (Half Sleeves)
Customized Black Shoes, VELCRO SHOES ONLY
dark blue socks with light blue band. (Conform to school pattern strictly), Grey colour belt.

Girls :
Dark blue with stripes skirt
Light blue coloured shirt (Half Sleeves)
Customized Black shoes, VELCRO SHOES ONLY
Dark blue socks with light blue band
Black ribbons
Grey colour belt

PET Uniform VI to X

Boys :
White Trousers, respective house coloured T Shirt.
White shoes and socks with respective house coloured band.

Girls :
White salvar with house coloured kameez. (school specific)
White shoes & socks with respective house coloured band

Girls shall wear black leggings for co scholastic classes if necessary like yoga, aerobics etc.
Epaulette (House Flaps) & Identity card are compulsory for all students from Class VI to X (for Boys & Girls).
On Fridays students of classes I to V and on Saturdays students of classes VI to X to wear PET uniform.
Students should come to school wearing neatly washed and ironed uniform. Their socks should be clean and shoes properly polished. It is mandatory to conform to the school uniform pattern.
For winter navy blue sweater, black leggings may be worn if needed. No other colour is permitted.

Fees :

Fees are payable well in advance, in full, in three installments, in April, August and December. Defaulting students will not be allowed to sit for the examinations and their results will be withheld. No fees are refundable under any circumstances.

Formative Assessment

Formative Assessment will be done regularly on all aspects of learning like class/ home assignments, unit tests, oral tests, written tests projects etc.

Tentative dates mentioned below
SA1 – September
SA2 - March

Office Working Hours : 9.00 am to 3.30 pm on all working days.
Saturdays : 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.