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Facilities that foster interest and intelligence…

The facilities at Sister Nivedita School have evolved as per the technological and behavioural changes that have swept the world in the last two decades. The infrastructure includes four dedicated blocks each for Pre-primary, Primary, and Middle and High level for efficiency in administration and to provide the finest of facilities appropriate for the respective class/age levels. The four independent yet well-integrated blocks are managed by the four team coordinators under the supervision and active participation of the School Principal and Director.

Sister Nivedita Class Rooms

Class Rooms

The class rooms are well designed and provide a congenial atmosphere for learning. The number of students per section too is maintained optimum so that teachers can give their personal attention to every student.

Sister Nivedita Class Rooms

Educational Aids

While weighing traditional values, the school optimally leverages the advantages of modern technology. Latest audiovisual teaching aids are extensively used in the class rooms. Computer education is mandatory for all the students. The school has a modern computer lab with advanced and well equipped computer systems.

Sister Nivedita Class Rooms


The library at Sister Nivedita has a good collection of books on a whole range of subjects like arts, literature, science, fiction and general knowledge. Students are encouraged to make use of this facility extensively and develop the habit of reading good books. Regular assignments by teachers ensure that students visit the library and use it as a research base.

Sister Nivedita Library

Science Laboratory

A well equipped laboratory facilitates students to learn through practical investigations, developing skills of observation, comparison, prediction, testing, communication and recording. Students are encouraged to discover the basic principles governing the various wonders and facets of nature's processes.

Sister Nivedita Physics lab

Maths Laboratory

Mathematics is said to be the science of logic. Over the years we have found that many students develop a phobia for this otherwise fascinating, interesting and important subject. Having realized this, we have setup a Maths Laboratory in line with CBSE guidelines so that students can learn the fundamentals of Mathematics through the methodology of activity based learning. Students who otherwise had little interest in Maths now enthusiastically respond to this laboratory teaching.

Sister Nivedita Maths Lab

Computer Laboratory

Computer Lab has modern PCs guided by a trained teacher to teach children the power of computers and software that can be harnessed for education. Children can apart from doing regular class-work use the PCs to do their project work. All the PCs are connected to the internet through firewalls to ensure that children access only child friendly websites and content.

Sister Nivedita Computer Lab

Art & Craft

The imagination of the children must be provided with a medium to express their innate talent. A trained art teacher supported by well sourced and quality supplies ensures that there are no bounds to the child’s creativity.

Sister Nivedita Craft Lab

Play Area

We have both indoor play-equipment for toddlers and outdoor play-equipment for all. The outdoor equipment consists of a multi-play multi-activity set-up designed to thrill and provide adventure to all. We have Basket Ball court, apart from play area for Volley Ball and Hand Ball.

Sister Nivedita Play Area