Infrastructure : Library

The School Library has a good collection of books on a wide range of subjects like arts, literature, science, fiction and general knowledge to satiate the quest of knowledge to the students in the subject of their own choice. Students are encouraged to make use of this facility extensively and develop the habit of reading good books. Regular assignments by teachers ensure that students visit the library and use it as a research base. The library also provides the teachers with access to relevant curriculum information and professional development material.

Technical Labs

Science Laboratory

A well equipped laboratory facilitates students to learn through practical investigations, developing skills of observation, comparison, prediction, testing, communication and recording. Students are encouraged to discover the basic principles governing the various wonders and facets of nature’s processes. Classroom teaching is combined with Lab experiments to ensure perpetual state of show and tell making grasping the concept easily.

Computer Laboratory

Computer Lab has modern PCs guided by a trained teacher to teach the students, the power of computers and software that can be harnessed for education. Children can apart from doing regular class-work use the computer lab facilities to do their project work, which helps the students to explore creativity. All the PCs are connected to the Internet through firewalls to ensure that children access only child friendly websites and content.

Maths Laboratory

Learning Maths is made easy in the Lab. The joy of learning Math is achieved when students actually explore the basics of learning with hands on experience.

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