Registrations for Admission into Classes Nursery, LKG, UKG & Class-I have commenced for the Year 2018-19 -- Click here for Registration Form                                                                Hearty Congratulations to all the Students for Securing 100% Results in Class Xth CBSE Results 2017. We thank all the Parents and Teachers for their cooperation.


Dr. V. Kondal Rao
Dr. Sudhakar Rao Polsani
Mrs. P. Rama Devi
Sri M. Harihara Prasad
Prof. I.V. Chalapati Rao
Prof. V. Viswanatham
Sri V.K. Premchand
Sri K. Nageswara Rao
Sri A.K. Mukherjee
Dr. Nandu Gourineni
Sri Karthik Polsani
Mrs. Jayanthi Venkataraman
Mrs. P.Anuradha Pramod
Mrs. Raja Saritha

From the desk of

Dr. V. Kondal Rao
Chairman - Advisory Committee

It is to heartening to remember and realize that our dear, nay, the dearest school Sister Nivedita is celebrating its Silver Jubilee this year, having gloriously completed Twenty five years of fruitful service to the society in the field of school education.

It is now one of the few reputed schools very much sought after for admissions in the Telangana State for the way it has not only consistently produced good results, but also maintained good discipline. Sister Nivedita has a label and a brand name for high quality education and higher values.

We have lived up to the expectations of Swami Vivekananda and his dear disciple Sister Nivedita of making education ‘Man making’. We have great sense of fulfillment in that. We had not only had an educational but a spiritual objective in naming and running it in the name of Sister Nivedita.

Our aim of making enlightened citizens is an ‘inclusive’ aim. Inclusive in the sense of doing the best for the most of the society.

We are ‘different’, to do differently to make a difference. We discharge more than we charge. We aim at changing, transforming, more than transmitting. We aim at inspiring more than instructing . That is why we are known as the ‘dedicated’ the ‘devoted’ as Sister Nivedita was, who was not only a great educationist but also a great teacher cherishing the ideals and values of Vivekananda.

We owe all that we have achieved here to Dr. Sudhakar, its promoter, to Rama, his good wife and to Harihara Prasad, its Director and above all to its dedicated Principal Jayanthi and to its committed and concerned faculty.

A personal message to parents from

Dr. P. Sudhakar Rao
Chairman - Managing Committee

It is fulfilling to state Sister Nivedita School is in the threshold of functioning for the next 25 years, preparing students with the quickly changing dynamics of the 21st century. Today the role of school is not only to disseminate knowledge but also to refine the manifest skill the learners possess. The school certainly stands true with respect to its name as Sister Nivedita School in satiating its primary stakeholders, the learners, in their pursuit of knowledge and helps them to weigh their choices before setting foot to attain their goals.

I am delighted to state that the school is in the hands of a resolute leader with a dedicated team. I congratulate the Principal Mrs. Jayanthi Venkataraman for her single minded dedication.

It’s felicitous to mention the voice of parents for being flexible and supportive in this triumphant journey of aligning education with moral values and strengthening bonds. At the end I would like to advise the students to have a positive mind, keep learning and dream big, most importantly transform their dreams into thought and reality.

Management & Administration

School Managing Committee:The School Managing Committee, with the help and guidance of professionals, educationists and industrialists in the society and the members of the Academic Committee is innovatively designing its curricular and co-curricular activities for a meaningful and socially relevant education.

Teaching Staff :The School has highly qualified and well experienced teaching staff, who employ the latest teaching & learning methodologies and strive hard to provide qualitative learner-centred instruction for the all round development of the students. The management is also committed to provide continuous orientation/training to the teachers to update their skills of teaching methodology.

Parent Teacher Meetings:Every second Saturday of each month is provided for parents to interact with teachers to know the performance of their wards. The progress card of students after each and every examination shall be issued only to the parents.