Sister-Nivedita School
Hearty congratulations to all the achievers in CBSC X Std Examination and bringing laurels by securing 100% results.                                                                                                 Admission to Kindergarten classes in progress.

For Primary Students

  • Optimum Class Strength

  • Well-trained teachers to impart concept-oriented teaching

  • Activity Based Learning

  • Equal attention to non-scholastic subjects and extra curricular activities.

  • Continuous and Comprehensive evaluation to boost performance.

  • Well stacked Library including fiction and classics.

  • Monthly Parent - Teaching interaction.

For Middle/High School Students

  • Multimedia aided teaching

  • Well stacked Library with reference books and CDs

  • Monthly Parent-Teacher interaction

  • Facilities include state-of-the-art AV hall,computer lab and language labs.

  • Regular students counselling for personal,social and emotional development.

  • A good ground of teaching for preparation of competitive exams like IIT-JEE, EAMCET, AIEEE, TOEFL, GRE etc. by reasoning and honing lateral thinking skills.

  • Students motivated for extra-curricular activities,performing arts and higher order thinking skills.

  • Yoga and Meditation for Physical,Mental and Intellectual growth.

Motherly care in a homely atmosphere

  • Colourful classrooms - a world of their own

  • Child - friendly teaching by skilled teachers

  • Safe educational toys to stimulate learning

  • Activities include - vocabulary enrichment,life skills,story telling and acting

  • One-to one attention

  • Physical exercises,dance,singing, aerobics and field trips

  • Weekly Parent - Teacher interaction

Exclusive Kindergarten Wing of Sister Nivedita School
motherly care in a homely atmosphere

Exclusive Kindergarten wing of



‘The formative steps that formulate interest in learning…’

The 'Play School', an exclusive Kindergarten wing, at Sister Nivedita deserves a special mention.
Housed in well ventilated and well equipped classrooms the Play School is open for children starting from the age of two years three months. The classrooms are designed and set up to encourage the child to develop and maintain confidence and a sense of self worth. The school is dedicated to the provision of a challenging, learning environment that is child-centred and well balanced. We aim to develop the 'Complete Child' to the fullness of his or her potential.
The teachers at the Play School help children acquire basic skills essential for their continuing education. Emphasis is on teaching in small groups where children are given the individual care and attention necessary to learn. The school has up-to-date, safe, and colourful educational toys to stimulate learning. In the Play School the time is divided into several activities, all designed to stimulate and develop the child's interests. Children have the opportunity to join in free play (blocks, puzzles, cars, pictures, etc.), story-telling and enacting, music, craft, cooking, and are given ample time to further develop their oral, creative and academic skills. Also concept based teaching is enabled through themes like rainy day, science day, market day, road safety, first-aid, gardening, fruits and vegetables as well as political and geographical info, field trips, yoga, meditation, aerobics, and sloka chanting among others.
The curriculum is based on 'themes of interest' to the young child. These are incorporated into their activities through roll craft, games and paper work. As the child moves from class to class he is introduced to new themes and concepts such as colours, shapes and numbers, my family, people in my neighbourhood, planting, water, fire, safety and many more. When the children come out of kindergarten age they are ready for a longer, more structured day. Children in the kindergarten classes follow the English curriculum in which they are taught the alphabet, basics of addition and subtraction, reading, writing, pencil control, along with craft and theme work.


Everything that Children need

Our Staff

Our staff is highly qualified, experienced and trained to educate and supervise the tiny-tots in large and small groups. They take motherly care of the children and make them perfectly comfortable in a homely environment. Periodic interaction with parents helps to keep them informed about the child’s progress.


The Play School has an exclusive area with convenient space for the kids to play and learn. The spacious play ground, activity hall and play equipments induce the learning in children while they play. Practical activities are held to enrich the vocabulary and to kindle the scientific temper in the children. This enhances the interest of the children for indoor and outdoor activities. The Play School children also have audio/video sessions, presentations through multimedia and CD’s for better understanding.

Learning Activities

  • Colouring, Colour concepts
  • Story Telling, Singing and Dancing
  • Games (indoor and outdoor), Mass Drill
  • Audio, Video Learning
  • ‘Sloka’ chanting
  • Art ‘n’ craft work
  • Puzzle sessions, Story plays
  • Value classes, Etiquette
  • Field Trips
  • Safety precautions
  • Nature study
  • Gardening, Water Games
  • Health Awareness etc.


The medium of instruction is English.
The subjects taught are as follows :
Nursery - English, Number Work, GK, Rhymes - Only Oral Work.
LKG - English, Number Work, GK, Rhymes.
UKG - English, Number Work, EVS, Second Language (Hindi/Telugu), Creative Work, GK, Rhymes.


Admission Criteria

Particulars of age for admission are as follows :

Nursery - 2 years, 3 months
LKG - 3 years, 3 months
UKG - 4 years, 3 months

The age is reckoned as on 1st June of the year.

It is the Love, Care and Patience that moulds the Children

At 'The Play School', we nurture the Children with utmost Care

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