Registrations for Admission into Classes Nursery, LKG, UKG & Class-I have commenced for the Year 2018-19 -- Click here for Registration Form                                                                Hearty Congratulations to all the Students for Securing 100% Results in Class Xth CBSE Results 2017. We thank all the Parents and Teachers for their cooperation.

Primary School (Classes I to V)

‘Preparing minds is given prime value at the primary level…’

In the Primary level, the students are in their sensitive years and can be termed as terracotta ready to be evolved into beautiful designs and forms. This is something we at Sister Nivedita School understand methodically and make all efforts towards its implementation. Unquestionably, the part of the sculptor goes to the teachers. It's by their regulating through trendsetting teaching techniques that defined shapes of dynamic personalities are formed in the students.

The ideal atmosphere for learning is as much important as teaching itself. Towards this end, Sister Nivedita School is equipped with the finest of classrooms at Primary level. The idealistic teacher-students ratio of 1:25 not only provides comfortable space for all but it also ensures that the individual care is accorded to every student. This is in conformity with the school's emphasis on teaching in small groups where all children are given due care and attention necessary for learning.

It is this child-focused practice in mentoring that has enabled Sister Nivedita School to nurture young minds in a manner that is beneficial academically as well as in building confidence personally in all the students. Reposing on the liberty of expression that's a fundamental right given to all students, they not only communicate with the teacher easily but also earnestly take part during the lessons taught in the school.

The curriculum is based on 'themes of interest' to the young child. These are incorporated into their activities through roll craft, games and paper work. As the child moves from class to class he is introduced to new themes and concepts such as colours, shapes and numbers, my family, people in my neighbourhood, planting, water, fire, safety and many more. When the children come out of kindergarten age they are ready for a longer, more structured day. Children in the kindergarten classes follow the English curriculum in which they are taught the alphabet, basics of addition and subtraction, reading, writing, pencil control, along with craft and theme work.


Primary School: (Classes I to V)
Boys :
Dark blue coloured(Shorts)
Light blue shirt(half sleeves)
Customized Black shoes. VELCRO SHOES ONLY
Dark Blue Socks with light blue band (confirm to school pattern strictly)
Grey coloured Belt (conform to school pattern strictly)

Girls :
Dark blue with stripes - Pinafore type (School Specific),
Light blue coloured shirt (Half Sleeves)
Customized Black shoes,VELCRO SHOES ONLY
Dark Blue Socks with light blue coloured band
Black Ribbons,
Gery coloured Belt (conform to school pattern strictly)

Students should come to school wearing neatly washed and ironed uniform. Their socks should be clean and shoes properly polished.

For winter navy blue sweater may be worn if needed. No other colour sweater is permitted.

PET Uniform I to V

Boys :
White Shorts respective coloured T shirt.
White shoes and socks with respective House coloured Band.

Girls :
White divided skits, respective house coloured T shirt,
white ribbons and white customized shoes and white socks with respective house coloured band.
Note : Girls shall wear black leggings if required for yoga, mass drill, aerobics, games on allotted days.

Timings, Terms & Vacation :

For Primary Classes :
Monday through Friday - 9.00 am to 3.30 p.m.
Lunch Session : 12.20 pm - 12.50 pm
Saturday’s to 12.20 p.m.
Second Saturday : Parent-Meeting Day.

Academic Terms :

1st term – April to September
2nd term - October to March