Making the right choice. SNS !!!

The school is a place where your child will spend the essential formative years of his/her life for education and the crucial growth. It is a demanding task for the parents to figure out the right school for their children. Yes!! you are at the right place. Sister Nivedita School equips its students to meet the future with quality education layered with moral values and life skills. Students are taught to learn, un-learn and Re-learn.

Learning is not confined to textbooks, because we live in century where a person is bombarded by information from a variety of sources. The philosophy that Sister Nivedita School abides by is to ensure an educational environment that is child-centered and the 'learning journey' of each and every child is a blissful one. The school also offers counseling on the emotional safety and well being of the students.

You will certainly appreciate the gravity of decision that you are making today for you have chosen to give the best to your child.

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